Steve H

The cavalry, led by Captain Paul ‘Barclay Roofing’ Trelease, came and rescued my roof from the ravages caused by the cowboys I’d engaged 9 months earlier. Paul’s troops, namely Gareth and Chris on the roofing side, and Dave and Gary on the gutters, did a great job in fixing the roof and guttering and dealing with the anomalies caused by the cowboys and the original build.

They were professional throughout and obviously took a pride in ensuring that the work was completed to a high standard, keeping me informed of any issues that cropped up. I can now sleep at night knowing that my roof will be safe and secure for many years to come.

I was also pleased with the manner in which the company, Paul in particular but not forgetting his team, dealt with the negotiations irrespective of the delays caused by Covid-19. It has been a great team effort, which also includes McClurg Scaffolding Limited of Crook, who were equally professional and took great care in erecting and dismantling phases.

Lessons have been learnt and I hopefully won’t be caught out by the cowboys in the future. I should have gone with my instincts and employed the professionals like Barclay Roofing Ltd. in the first place.