Flat Roofing

Although not as common a feature of British architecture as pitch roofing solutions because of our climate, flat roofing is fast becoming ever more popular. This is especially true of commercial and industrial buildings thanks to the myriad of systems and materials now available. Increasingly architects and developers are creating more structurally ambitious buildings, and flat roofing systems have kept pace to accommodate the most demanding of designs. We offer the full range of flat roof solutions, and have successfully delivered a huge number of large projects in the past 30 years. Regardless of the size of our clients’ project, they are assured of receiving a great service; from the expert advice our dedicated flat roofing Contracts Manager gives at the outset of every project, to the professional installation services of our dedicated operatives.

Built up Felt Roofing

One of the most frequent roofing misconceptions is that flat roofs mean trouble during and after installation. We have a host of very satisfied customers who will certainly dispel this myth. It is mainly the unregulated use of inferior quality material that has given this particular type of flat roof an undeservedly poor reputation. In using high quality modern materials, often enhanced by a manufacturers insurance backed guarantee, our team of flat roofing specialists can promise peace of mind during and after installation.

Firstly, we use the new pre-bituminised products which have made the bitumen boiler redundant. This saves time, eliminates the potential for mess and, most importantly, greatly reduces fire risk. Secondly, our direct association with major manufacturers allows us to provide an insurance backed guarantee for all the work we carry out using their products. We have approved contractor status with such manufacturers as IKO and, as a direct result of these associations, our customers can have absolute confidence that their traditional built up flat roof will be functional and long lasting.

Single Ply Membranes

Even within the construction industry, single ply membranes are often thought to be a fairly new concept. In fact, they have been around for more than 35 years and have proved functional and long lasting, even in the most extreme weather conditions.  Our experience and proven expertise in this particular roofing technology has earned us approval to use systems from the three leading UK suppliers, Sika Trocal, Sika Sarnafill and Icopal. Consequently, we are able to offer manufacturers’ guarantees for all work, whether it is new build or refurbishment, with or without insulation using both T.P.O and P.V.C single ply membranes.

Liquid Coatings

As a further alternative, we also offer liquid plastic seamless “cap sheet” systems, which are high performance polyurethane membranes, using atmospheric moisture to trigger the curing process. As they rapidly become resistant to rain damage, and may be applied in relatively poor weather conditions without any subsequent loss of performance or disability, they are an excellent addition and alternative to more frequently used systems. Liquid coatings may be applied to all common substrates and roof designs, and offer a wide range of specifications to suit individual technical requirements. As with all the other systems we use, liquid coatings qualify for a guarantee from leading manufacturers such as Polyroof Products Ltd.