Welcome Building, Auckland Castle

Designed by Niall McLaughlin Architects, we were contracted to complete roofing and cladding works to this architecturally stunning building. Indeed, Barclay Roofing counts this project as one of our favourites to date. Although relatively small in project size terms, it played perfectly to our technical ability and love of challenge. Our problem solving skills were certainly tested owing to the necessarily complex design, but by working closely with other contractors we were able to collectively bring this beautiful structure to life.

Forming the striking new entrance to Auckland Castle, the building is a visitor attraction in and of itself. Comprising a visitor centre complete with 29m viewing platform, the building also houses a new ticket hall and function room. Timber framed with a very steep monopitch roof that imitates the main tower, the building’s design is intended to be a modern representation of an historic siege engine. The large shutters at first floor level open and close revealing elaborately decorated panels, which we were commissioned to fabricate with our supply partners.