St Gregory’s Catholic Primary School, Stockton-on- Tees

During the summer of 2021, following a competitive tender process, Barclay Roofing completed the refurbishment of the 500 square meter flat roof at St Gregory’s Catholic Primary School, Stockton-on-Tees.

Although a newbuild, the school had already experienced water ingress as a result of a suspected leak to the original single ply roof. As a consequence, it had already been overlaid with another single ply solution. Despite this, however, the issue was not resolved. Upon further investigation, it transpired that the roof was not leaking, and condensation was in fact the issue.

As a result, we were required to strip the roof back to the metal deck and start from scratch using a torch on felt solution. However, what promised to be a straightforward job turned out to be anything but.

Upon stripping we discovered that many upstands were missing, and live electrical wires ran behind the upstands that were in place.  In addition, as we removed stone cappings, the parapet walls beneath crumbled. Needless to say, we quickly arranged work to make the electrical elements safe and instated upstands where necessary. We also rebuild the parapet walls and replaced cappings as the work came to a close.

Work to the actual roof began in earnest with our skilled operatives applying a primer to the deck. We then installed a bituminous self-adhesive vapour control layer. Upon completion we glued PIR insulation to the required building control levels complete with a cut to fall system to aid drainage. Operatives then applied a torch on underlay, finishing the job with a torch on cap sheet.

The client was delighted to have a solution in place that safeguarded the building from water damage and condensation problems.