BLOG: Time flies – celebrating 30 years in business with a new website

Barclay Roofing are celebrating our 30th anniversary this year, and to mark the fact, we’re delighted to launch our new and improved website.

During the past 30 years, we have developed a reputation as one of the UK’s most respected roofing contractors, not only thanks to the quality of our work, but also because of our commitment to quality and customer service, and our willingness to find innovative solutions to challenging problems. Whilst our approach in this respect hasn’t changed in the last three decades, a few other things have, including the technology we use!

When Barclay Roofing started trading in 1986, fax machines were still revolutionising the workplace, mobile phones cost more than a small family car (and reception was terrible,) email was limited to those working in MIT, and Mark Zukerberg was still in short trousers.  Plus, no one had a website.

Indeed, it wasn’t until 2005 that Barclay Roofing finally bit the bullet and launched our first website. Looking back at our old site compared to this new one is like looking back in time… it’s amazing how quickly things move on. More than just a new site, our refreshed web presence reflects the approach we take to business here at Barclay Roofing. Whilst we’ll never move away from the time-served techniques employed by our skilled operatives, and whilst we absolutely don’t believe that technology can, in any way, replace good old fashioned quality of service, we have always recognised the value that new technology can bring. That’s probably why we’re still top of our game 30 years later.

We hope you find this new site useful, informative and easy to navigate. However, if there is something we’ve missed that you would find useful, get in touch via email at Thanks, and here’s to another 30 years!